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  New Book by Denise F. Brown  
  Cultural Highway Pen Pal ClubPORTSMOUTH, NH—Native Rye artist Denise Brown has recently published a new children’s book called, “The Cultural Highway Pen Pal Club”. The book takes children on a colorful journey around the world. Each step of the way, they learn exciting information about how children in other lands live, what their hobbies are, the food they like, the music they listen to, and what makes their countries unique. The book also offers fun facts about different countries, foreign language words, new vocabulary and maps. Most important, it shows how schools or parents can organize their own Cultural Highway Pen Pal Club so children can begin making friends around the globe.

The book is the result of a ‘wish-fulfilled’ project for one of Brown’s long-time clients and friend, R.Jonathan Meigs, who passed away in June of 2010 before he could finish his life’s work. Jonathan saw the world’s peoples coming together thanks to efforts to share their diverse cultures. A life-long traveler, Meigs envisioned a “Cultural Highway” that would open doors of understanding as people learned more about each other’s arts, humanities, and heritage. Meigs was a long-time summer resident of Rye, NH but his work as a tour guide, free-lance writer and photojournalist took him around the globe. He loved the many countries he visited and was concerned about the troubles he saw. Meigs believed that if people could share their similarities, they would heal their differences.

Meigs saw the “cultural highway” as both real and virtual. During his many speeches and correspondences to world leaders and corporate dignitaries, he coined the phrase “cultural tourism” which encouraged travel and learning by exploration. He also believed the way to world peace, and to better understanding different cultures, needed to begin with youth and school programs.

Jonathan’s sister, Martha, knew how eager Jonathan was to share his ideas with the world. When Brown told her about the idea of a pen pal book dedicated to Jonathan, she loved the idea of a ‘wish fulfilled’ to her brother. Brown got to work writing the story and published the new children’s book about penpals. It brings to life Jonathan’s concept of the Cultural Highway as a fun way to learn about different cultures.

“Jonathan’s vision is beautiful in its simplicity,” says Brown. “He believed that as the people of the world get to know each other, we quickly discover there are more ways that we are alike than we are different. For example, we all love our families, our pets, music, sports, and art. Let’s talk about these things, and have fun learning what life is like in different cultures.”

“The Cultural Highway Pen Pal Club” book will be available at local bookstores, or online at, and through at $14.99. Schools and home school groups may receive a discount rate for bulk orders. For more information, call (603) 436-0788. Visit to see more of Brown’s books and artwork.
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